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I2PC Distinguished Speaker Series

The Distinguished Speaker weekly seminar series features the latest I2PC research developments. Speakers include I2PC research faculty, industry research affiliates, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate research assistants.

The seminars held on Thursdays from 4-5 pm in the Siebel Center. Unless otherwise noted, seminars will be held in Room 2405. Speakers, dates, and locations will be added as the year progresses, so check back for updates!

Note: Some talks are I2PC-internal, meaning only people who have signed the Informed Participation Agreement can attend.

A detailed schedule with abstract and speaker bios is available.


For those unable to physically attend the talk, a live webcast is available. Additionally, a chat interface has been set up for those who want to ask the speaker questions during the talk.

In the event that a talk is I2PC-internal, a single-use webcast address will be emailed to I2PC members prior to the talk.

Upcoming Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, seminars will be held on Thursdays, from 4-5pm, in room 2405 Siebel Center.

Date Topic Speaker
05.16.13 Hierarchical Locales: Exposing Node-Level Locality in Chapel
NOTE LOCATION CHANGE: This talk will be held in room 3405.
Brad Chamberlain (Cray, Inc.)

Past Seminars

Date Topic Speaker
05.02.13 Warehouse-scale Computing: Challenges and Opportunities James Laudon (Google)
05.01.13 Innovation in China: From Internet-of-Things to Big Data Dr. Xiaowei Shen (IBM Research - China)
04.30.13 Some New Developments for the R Engine Luke Tierney (University of Iowa)
04.25.13 Volition: Scalable and Precise Sequential Consistency Violation Detection
Xuehai Qian (UIUC)
04.18.13 Model Checking Database Applications
Milos Gligoric
04.04.13 Parallel Reordering: Graph Processing on the Dark Side of BFS
(Video) (Slides)
Konstantine Karantasis (UIUC)
03.28.13 Illusionist: Transforming Lightweight Cores into Aggressive Cores on Demand
(Video) (Slides)
Amin Ansari (UIUC)
03.07.13 DeNovoND: Efficient Hardware Support for Disciplined Parallelism
(Video) (Slides)
Hyojin Sung (UIUC)
03.01.13 Optimizations for Cache-Coherent Networks-on-Chip
Natalie Enright Jerger (University of Toronto)
02.20.13 Interactive Program Transformations Danny Dig (UIUC)
01.24.13 Cyrus: Unintrusive Application-Level Record-Replay for Replay Parallelism
(Video) (Slides)
Nima Honarmand (UIUC)
01.17.13 Spring Semester Kick-off: Loop-Based Alias Speculation Using Atomic Region Support
(Video) (Slides)
Wonsun Ahn (UIUC)
11.29.12 Is OpenMP All You Need for Accelerators?
Rudolf Eigenmann (Purdue)
11.08.12 How do developers use parallel libraries?
(Video) (Slides)
Semih Okur (UIUC)
11.01.12 Performance Debugging Support for the Many-Core Era
Milos Prvulovic (Georgia Tech)
10.30.12 Vector Loops in Heterogeneous Cilk(TM) Plus
Robert Geva (Intel)
10.24.12 Computational Imaging and Augmented Reality Applications on Mobile Platforms
Igor V. Kozintsev (Intel)
10.18.12 Green Computing Using Automatic Parallelizing and Power Reducing Compiler with Multiplatform API for Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Multicores
Hironori Kasahara (Waseda University)
10.11.12 A view of the Avascholar system from above and below, and experiences implementing a hard real-time robotic vision and image processing system on modern and older architectures
David Raila (UIUC)
10.04.12 Optimizing Applications Idle Power
Hrabri Rajic and Abhishek Agrawal (Intel)
09.27.12 Vulcan: Hardware Support for Detecting Sequential Consistency Violations in Programs Dynamically
(Video) (Slides)
Josep Torrellas (UIUC)
09.12.12 HipHop: High-Performance PHP
(Poster) (Video) (Slides)
Ali-Reza Adl-Tabatabai (Facebook)
09.06.12 A Case for Parallelizing Web Pages
(Poster) (Video)
Haohui Mai (UIUC)
08.30.12 Fall Semester Kick-off: The Tasks with Effects Model for Safe Concurrency
(Poster) (Video)
Stephen Heumann (UIUC)
05.17.12 Comparing the Power and Performance of Intel's SCC to State-of-the-Art CPUs and GPUs Ehsan Totoni, University of Illinois
05.10.12 AvaScholar John Hart, University of Illinois
05.03.12 Reusing-JITs are from Mars, Dynamic Scripting Languages are from Venus
(Video) (Slides)
Peng Wu, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
04.26.12 UHPC/ExaScale: "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch"
I2PC-internal only: (Video)
Josh Fryman, Intel
04.12.12 Time to Right the Transition to General-Purpose Many-Core Parallelism
Uzi Vishkin, University of Maryland
04.09.12 Chapel: Striving for Productivity at Petascale, Sanity at Exascale
Brad Chamberlain, Cray
04.05.12 When GPUs meet CPUs: opportunities, challenges and solutions in heterogeneous architectures
Hyesoon Kim, Georgia Tech
03.29.12 Concurrent Collections (CnC): Application parallelism via coordination
(Poster) (Slides)
Kath Knobe, Intel
03.28.12 Efficiency Challenges in Warehouse-Scale Computers
(Poster) (Slides)
Tom Wenisch, University of Michigan
03.15.12 ispc: A High-Performance SPMD Compiler for The CPU
(Poster) (Video) (Slides)
Matt Pharr, Intel
03.01.12 The Cray Gemini Network: Architecture & Resiliency Analysis
(Poster) (Video) (Slides)
Forest Godfrey, Cray
02.23.12 How to Make Loop-level Data Dependence Profiling Fast and Memory Efficient?
(Website) (Poster) (Video) (Slides)
Zhiyuan Li, Purdue University
02.16.12 Concurrency-bug detection, diagnosis, and fixing
(Poster) (Video) I2PC-internal only: (Slides)
Shan Lu, University of Wisconsin
02.09.12 Technology Scaling and the Future of Microprocessors: The 10x10 Approach
(Poster) (Video)
Andrew Chien, University of Chicago
02.02.12 Many Integrated Core (MIC): What can you do with an IA processor on the other end of the wire?
(Poster) I2PC-internal only: (Video)
CJ Newburn, Intel
01.26.12 Redesigning Fault Tolerance for High Performance Computing
(Poster) (Video) (Slides)
Franck Cappello, INRIA and the University of Illinois
01.19.12 Improving Performance and Robustness of Intel(R) Inspector
(Poster) (Slides)
Zhiqiang Ma, Intel
12.08.11 BulkSMT: Designing SMT Processors for Atomic-Block Execution
(Poster) (Slides)
Xuehai Qian, Illinois
12.01.11 A Reproducible, Verifiable Parallel Graph Analysis Benchmark
(Poster) (Video) (Slides)
Rob Van der Wijngaart, Intel
11.17.11 The Hardest Part of Parallel Programming is Understanding the Limitations of your Serial Algorithms
(Poster) (video and slides will not be available)
Paul Petersen, Intel
11.10.11 Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks 4.0: Go with the flow!
(Poster) (Video)
Michael Voss, Intel
11.03.11 Improving Permeability in System Architecture
(Poster) I2PC-internal only: (Video)
Doug Carmean, Intel
10.27.11 Hardware-Assisted Run-Time Monitoring for Trustworthy Computing Systems
(Poster) (Video)  (Slides)
Ed Suh, Cornell University
10.20.11 IVL and (R)IVL -- An experimental SPMD Compiler for SSE, AVX, and MIC/Knights*, and its Application in a High-Quality (R)endering Framework
(Poster) I2PC-internal only: (Video)
Ingo Wald, Intel
10.13.11 Controlling Core Temperatures and Saving Energy with an Adaptive Runtime System
(Poster) (Video)
Laxmikant Kale and Osman Sarood, Illinois
10.07.11 The Pauseless GC Algorithm
(video and slides will not be available)
Cliff Click, Azul Systems
10.06.11 Defying Dark Silicon with Idempotent Processors
(Poster) I2PC-internal only: (Video)  (Slides)
Karu Sankaralingam, University of Wisconsin
09.29.11 Automatically Enhancing Locality in Irregular Applications
(Video)  (Slides)
Milind Kulkarni, Purdue University
09.22.11 Scalable checkpointing for coherent shared memory
(Video)  (Slides)
Pranav Garg, Illinois
09.15.11 Overcoming hard-faults in high-performance microprocessors
(Video)  (Slides)
Amin Ansari, Illinois
05.16.11 A Review and Discussion of Intel Software Development Tools
(video and slides will not be available)
Douglas Armstrong, Intel
05.05.11 Fast and precise static race detection for data-parallel Java programs
(Video)  (Slides) PDF download
Cosmin Radoi, Illinois
04.25.11 Intel Processor/Platform Roadmap
(video and slides will not be available)
Ganapati Srinivasa, Intel
04.21.11 Zeus: Multimedia CPU Scheduler for Codependent and Concurrent Stream Processes(video and slides will not be available) Raoul Rivas, Illinois
04.14.11 Improved Mulithreaded Unit Testing
(Video)  (Slides) PDF download
Vilas Jagannath, Illinois
04.07.11 Compiling Data-Parallel Loop Nests in Pyon(video and slides will not be available) Christopher Rodrigues,
03.31.11 An Optimizing OpenCL Compiler for Heterogeneous Systems
(Video)  (Slides) PDF download
Xing Zhou, Illinois
03.10.11 Integration of 3D Video Over Time
(Video)  (Slides) PDF download
Daniel Kubacki, Illinois
03.03.11 ScalableBulk: Scalable Cache Coherence for Atomic Blocks in a Lazy Environment
(Video)  (Slides) PDF download
Xuehai Qian, Illinois
02.24.11 Case Studies in Asynchronous, Message-Driven Shared-Memory Programming
(Video)  (Slides) PDF download
Pritish Jetley, Illinois
02.17.11 AvaScholar
(video and slides will not be available)
John C. Hart, Illinois
02.10.11 AtomTracker: A Comprehensive Approach to Atomic Region Inference and Violation Detection  (Video)  (Slides) — coming soon PDF download Abdullah Muzahid, Illinois
02.03.11 Tools for Porting Programs to a New Parallel Programming Language  (Video)  (Slides) PDF download Mohsen Vakilian, Illinois
01.27.11 Parallel@Illinois Special Seminar Jared Hoberock, NVIDIA Research Group
12.09.10 Enabling Flexible Feature Representations Through Parallelism
(Video)  (Slides) PDF download
Mert Dikmen, Illinois
12.02.10 DeNovo: Rethinking the Multicore Memory Hierarchy for Disciplined Parallelism
(Video)  (Slides) PDF download
DeNovo Research Group, Illinois
11.18.10 Zeus: Stream Group Soft-Realtime Parallel Scheduler (Video)  (Slides) PDF download Raoul Rivas, Illinois
11.11.10 Compiling OpenCL Code with Locality and Parallelism Management
(Archives will not be available)
Xing Zhou, Illinois
11.04.10 The Intel® Array Building Blocks Virtual Machine (Video)   (Slides) PDF download Stefanus Du Toit, Intel
10.28.10 Practical Parallel and Concurrent Programming: Performance and Correctness on the Multi-core Computer (Video)  (Slides) PDF download Tom Ball, Principal Researcher
Microsoft Research
10.21.10 A Parallel Numerical Solver Using Hierarchically Tiled Arrays (Video*)  (Slides) PDF download *Due to tedhnical difficulties, we only have a partial video. Carl Evans, Illinois
10.07.10 An Interactive Approach to Parallelism
(Video*)  (Slides) PDF download *Due to tedhnical difficulties, we only have a partial video.
Danny Dig, Illinois
10.04.10 Parallel@Illinois Distinguished Lecture Cleve Moler, The MathWorks
09.30.10 InstantCheck: Checking the Determinism of Parallel Programs Using On-the-fly Incremental Hashing (Video)  (Slides) PDF download Adrian Nistor, Illinois
09.23.10 Trust and Protection in the Illinois Browser Operating System (Video and slides coming soon.) Shuo Tang, Illinois
05.06.10 The Future of Many-core Processors: A Tale of Two Processors (Video)  (Slides) PDF download Tim Mattson, Intel
04.30.10 Parallel@Illinois Distinguished Lecture Yale Patt, The University of Texas at Austin
04.29.10 Safe Nondeterminism in a Deterministic-by-Default Parallel Language (Video)  (Slides) PDF downlaod Robert L. Bocchino, Jr., Illinois
04.22.10 Adding Parallelism with Intel(r) Parallel Studio: No Parallelism Experience Required (Video)  (Slides) PDF download Mark Davis, Intel
04.16.10 Parallel@Illinois Special Seminar Gabriel Antoniu, INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique
04.15.10 Parallel@Illinois Distinguished Lecture Pat Hanrahan, Stanford University
04.08.10 Python on the GPU: Implications for Many-core (Video)  (Slides) PDF download Nick Bray, Illinois
04.01.10 Janus: Cross-layer Soft Real-time Scheduling for Virtualized Architectures (Video)  (Slides) PDF download Raoul Rivas, Illinois
03.29.10 Parallel@Illinois Distinguished Lecture Wen-Hann Wang, Intel
03.19.10 Single-Chip Cloud Computer - An Experimental Processor Platform for Parallel SW Innovation
(Archives will not be available)
Jim Held, Intel
03.17.10 Beyond Kernels: On the Future of Operating Systems  (Archives will not be available) Dave Probert, Microsoft
03.16.10 Converged Ct/RapidMind Programming Interface
(Archives will not be available)
CJ Newburn, Intel
03.15.10 Parallel@Illinois Distinguished Lecture Uzi Vishkin, University of Maryland
03.01.10 Parallel@Illinois Distinguished Lecture Charles E. Leiserson, Massachusettes Institute of Technology
02.24.10 Parallel@Illinois Distinguished Lecture Walter Tichy, University of Karlsruhe
02.25.10 Identifying Ad-hoc Synchronization for Enhanced Race Detection(Video will not be available)  (Slides) PDF download Walter Tichy, University of Karlsruhe
02.18.10 MuTMuT: Efficient Exploration for Mutation Testing of Multithreaded Code
(Video)  (Slides) PDF download
Vilas Jagannath, Illinois
02.11.10 A Start at Mining Consumer Laptop Usage - What Might it Mean for UPCRC?(Video and slides will not be available) Bob Kuhn, Intel
02.04.10 Performance Portability of Hierarchical, Data-Parallel Programs (Video and slides will not be available) John Stratton, Illinois
01.28.10 ACCORD Annotations for Proving Race-Freedom (Video)  (Slides) PDF download Rajesh Karmani, Illinois