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Acrobatics aims to develop basic technologies in programming, translation, architecture, and tools to enable the development and execution of high-performance, power-efficient parallel code. It relies on high-level abstractions for parallel programming, together with compiler optimization and program synthesis techniques to generate code for architectures designed for programmability. The system is supported by a set of parallel programming tools for debugging, testing, refactoring, and performance/power monitoring.

Faculty Contacts: David Padua (, Josep Torrellas (, María Garzarán (, Danny Dig (, Laxmikant Kale (, Samuel King (, and Darko Marinov (


AvaScholar (a portmanteau of Avatar and Scholar) leverages parallelism to make internet-based education work better with new tools for the instructor and the learner. The AvaScholar Instructor module creates real-time avatars and models of the instructor and any visual aids utilizing parallel 3-D capture and reconstruction software. This allows students to view the instructor or visual aids from any angle. The AvaScholar Learner module applies new parallel machine learning “soft biometrics” techniques that use each student’s webcam to help the instructor gauge how well large classes of remote students understand the material (through expression recognition and shrug detection) across various automatically recognized demographic groups such as age or gender.

Faculty Contacts: John C. Hart (, Sanjay Patel (, Minh Do (, and Thomas Huang (


The goal of SafeSpeed is to ensure safe and efficient parallel computing by utilizing explicit annotations. The SafeSpeed components utilize explicit annotations for disciplined shared memory: the programmer specifies the annotations that the software testing techniques and hardware design can exploit. These annotations are used by SafeSpeed components at all levels from specification to run-time. DPJ, DPJizer, Accord, and AMP focus on the specification and checking, Penelope is used for testing, and DeNovo supports parallelization at run-time.

Faculty Contacts: Sarita Adve (, Vikram Adve (, and P. Madhusudan (

I2PC IL LogoI2PC Illinois is a joint research effort of the Illinois Department of Computer Science, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the Coordinated Science Laboratory, with funding from corporate partner Intel. Its work is conducted by faculty members and graduate students from the computer science and electrical and computer engineering departments at the University of Illinois.